Information for Practitioners

Our primary prerequisite is that all volunteers possess open minds and sensitivity, respect, and acceptance of other cultures.  We especially appreciate those who have had experience traveling and/or living abroad.

Practitioners interested in treating patients without Global Clinic supervision must have appropriate licensure and/or accreditation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email to


Scope of Practice & Licensure

A multitude of traditions and specialties exist within our organization, and we welcome our healers to employ the method of modality they choose. In contrast to other international acupuncture non-profits we give our practitioners the freedom to follow their distinct treatment styles.  Strict treatment protocols—such as a one-size-fits-all model or NADA protocol—are not utilized. This flexibility allows our healers to provide the best in individualized, patient care.  Although practitioners will diagnose and treat according to their technique and expertise, there is open discussion and collaboration amongst all volunteers.

This understanding allows for patients to receive more than one treatment specialty; many pain afflictions could warrant such integration.  For example, a patient suffering from muscle injury accompanied by anxiety and palpitations may receive a care diagnosis that includes bodywork to warm up the local area, acupuncture to mitigate the pain, and concurrent Reiki to relax and calm him/her.

There are no national laws currently governing the practice of acupuncture or herbal therapy in the countries we visit. This is why it is imperative that practitioners who wish to treat without supervision be licensed professionals with proper accreditation.  Every Global Clinic member is expected to respect and follow all local laws, customs, and regulations in the areas in which we serve.

For the list of specialties we provide our patients, please refer to our Modalities of Treatment page.

Patient Population

Generally speaking, the scope of holistic capabilities is not as widely known in many parts of the world as is conventional medicine’s, and we recognize patient education as a vital aspect of our outreach and practice.

Most of our patients are new to acupuncture and/or holistic health and most, if not all, have never visited a doctor or care provider in their lives.  Their needs are abundant.  Many lack direct access to potable water.  You should expect to encounter a variety of health problems; however, the majority  whom we treat are employed in physical labor, and as such, their chief complaint is of pain. We find this tends to be the overall case for those new to acupuncture.  After speaking to a patient it is possible to encounter other concerns, which  may be concurrently treated  with another modality, such as herbal therapy, plus body work and Reiki.

Their beauty, strength of spirit, and willingness to try what may seem strange at first, make them the best patients.  It is with love that we treat them.