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Embracing the notion of universal healthcare for all.

The pursuit of Global Clinic is to provide and maintain a sustainable network of integrative, holistic medical practices to populations with limited or no access to conventional healthcare. We fulfill this directive by hosting volunteer outreaches in which quality care is administered to communities in need.  International service efforts focus primarily on locations in developing countries, targeting Guatemala, Nepal, and India in particular.  Future outreaches are planned within Africa, Latin America, and Asia within the next several years.

~ Global Clinic offers its international clinics free of charge to each patient. ~



Global Clinic developed out of the recognition there were many individuals in the holistic health community who wished to volunteer their skills internationally, but there lacked the kind of framework that exists for conventional medical care outreach programs. We also observed that most international health-mission organizations operate on a tour-based schedule.  As a result, acupuncturists and naturopathy specialists have had only a limited nexus in which to discover affordable volunteer opportunities.

Sharing a love of travel and desire to promote whole health and healing, we established an organization that offers affordable international volunteer opportunities with a patient-centered focus for vocations such as ours, all within a model of independent travel.



We believe those willing to serve should be given the opportunity.

What sets us apart from other outreach ventures is our independent travel approach.  We do not conduct our clinical missions alongside mandatory, pre-packaged, or expensive leisure activities, like group tours.  This means there are no fees aside from airfare (purchased at the volunteer’s discretion), room and board (should one opt out of the community shelter site), and a nominal participation fee (to offset local ground transportation costs, meals, translators, and any other operational expenses Global Clinic may not be able to cover outright).

This philosophy not only encourages those who may have been unable to participate otherwise, but also increases the number of people we can reach and provide treatments to.  More hands, more healing!

We support the shared benefit of open exchange between modalities.

Unlike other non-profits specializing in holistic healthcare abroad, Global Clinic allows its practitioners the freedom to practice their own methods of licensed expertise.  Strict protocols are not clinically mandated, but in order to ensure quality care, we require all practitioners to have proper accreditation and/or current licensure, dependant on their field of specialty.  We believe the fusion of expertise among all specialties provides our patients with an optimal healing environment.

We respect the wisdom of local healers and the guidance community leaders.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the fruitful partnerships we share with the individuals who have culturally sustained their peoples for generations.  We respect their traditions, customs, and way of life. As much as they learn from us and receive healing, so, too, do we learn and receive healing in turn. We are grateful for their generosity of insight, and hold those whom we treat in the highest esteem.

We regard knowledge as power and as healing.

As an organization founded by acupuncturists, we strive to broaden acupuncture awareness (as well as naturopathy education in general) while integrating the practice with other modalities, conventional and non-conventional alike. With education comes empowerment.

Acupuncturists and practitioners of other holistic disciplines now have a community in which to utilize their skills and devotion to serve on an international level. Creating an empowered and synergistic community that extends beyond the confines of dialect and borders is at the heart of our mission.



provide treatments to those who lack access to healthcare and suffer from health issues that have remained unresolved or untreated by conventional platforms of medicine

develop educational outreach and training programs with local healthcare infrastructure and care providers, including nurses, herbalists, and traditional healers

foster healing exchanges between treatment modalities practiced amongst Global Clinic volunteers and local healers

establish a sustainable healthcare presence through local community organizations, leaders, hospitals, clinics, and health centers

counsel patients so they may adopt healthier ways of living and help them implement practical techniques of sustaining whole health

create an educational platform and environment for healthcare practitioners in addition to advancing their professional development via the open interchange of knowledge, skills, and practices created by the joint efforts of all local and international volunteers


Global Clinic is working on many expansion ventures outside our clinical outreaches, including the development of permanent clinics and educational programs, both stateside and abroad.

Locally, we will be partnering with and sponsoring the Roc City Health Project, which will hold monthly clinics at the Academy of Medicine at Rochester, New York.  People living in surrounding areas will be able to take advantage of expert alternative healthcare services from licensed professionals, including acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, herbal therapy, and yoga.  An educational seminar will be given during each clinic and all fees will be administered on a sliding scale.  We believe in bringing healing to all people, regardless of financial ability, and are excited to build a strong and positive healthcare presence in Rochester while also supporting the lovely city and its people.

We are also focusing our efforts into establishing Keiko’s Initiative, which will provide acupuncture treatments to patients inflicted with malaria in countries overseas.  By incorporating acupuncture with modern drug therapy, we will help increase the survival rate for people battling this oftentimes fatal disease. To read more about Keiko’s Initiative and the current state of treatment worldwide, please visit the [permalink p=”24″ target=”self”]Keiko’s Initiative[/permalink] page underneath Our Work and make sure to subscribe to our [permalink p=”1528″ target=”self”] Global Clinic Newsletter[/permalink] to keep up-to-date on all of our exciting new developments!

We have the utmost respect for the people we treat.  It is because of them that we go.

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