Ways to Become Involved

More Hands = More Healing!

Although acupuncture is our main modality of treatment, we integrate other holistic and naturopathy practices in order to provide an optimal healthcare experience for our patients.  Even if you provide a service that isn’t included in this list, we would still love to hear from you!  The saying, “too many cooks in the kitchen” does not apply.  The more hands, the merrier!, we say, and the more people we can reach.become-involved

We are seeking the following types of volunteers:

– Acupuncturists & Students of acupuncture

Students are encouraged to join!  Based on your level of education, you may assist practitioners with intake, needle insertion/removal, and cleanup; and gain valuable clinical and public health experience.

– Practitioners & Students of holistic and naturopathy fields

For the various specialties we incorporate into our outreaches, please refer to the list under [permalink p=”22″ target=”self”]Modalities of Treatment.[/permalink]

– Translators & English bilingual speakers

If you are fluent in English and at least one foreign language, we welcome your linguistic skills!  We are especially interested in finding Hindi, Spanish, Quiche, and Nepali translators to join us on our upcoming outreaches.

– Assistants

Anyone who is willing  to help with a multitude of tasks – from collecting patient information to assisting practitioners with treatments. There is a place for everyone, even if you are not a holistic or alternative medicine specialist.

Global Clinic seeks to work with  diverse groups of people in different capacities, all with the united goal of providing universal healthcare.
If you possess a desire and initiative to serve, we would love for you to join us!  Everybody possesses talent, and we would be honored to work with yours.

Contact Us Today!


We are continually in pursuit of uniting with other ventures. By creating a global community of healing and charity-minded individuals and organizations, we can truly help heal our world.   We also appreciate the advice and guidance from non healthcare-related vocations— including marketing, finance, public relations, and non-profit management and administration.

Should you wish to join our cause, have wisdom to impart, forge a partnership, or simply tell us what you think, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@theglobalclinic.org.  We welcome your counsel and look forward to hearing from you.



Fundraisers are just one way we gather financial assistance for the volunteers who join us in the way of meals, lodging, local travel accommodations, and whenever possible, airfare.

As Global Clinic is based in New York, we prefer to hold our fundraisers in a venue that will be easily accessible to our members and staff.  If you’d like to offer your home or place of business for our next gathering, or have a suggestion for a possible location, we would certainly appreciate your offer of kindness and recommendation.  Please contact us at info@theglobalclinic.org.