Past Missions

Santiago, Dominican Republic – April 24 – May 1st , 2016

Santiago, Dominican Republic, December 16th -20th, 2015

Dominican Republic Mission

August 15 – August 23rd, 2015 – Sibiu , Romania

April 24- May 3rd, 2015 – Santiago, Dominican Republic

February 14 – 22 , 2014 – Guayaquil, Ecuador

August 2014 – Panajachel, Guatemala

Guatemala, April 21-28, 2013

This will be the first of two Guatemala outreaches we will take this calendar year (a possible third in late autumn/early winter).  We will be joining our friends at the Barbara Ford Peace Center in Santa Cruz Quiche once again for a weeklong clinic to treat the native population there, with a focus on acupuncture.  The Barbara Ford Peace Project is a top-notch facility – super clean, safe, and staffed by the friendliest people!

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Guatemala, August, 2013

Barbara Ford Peace Center, Santa Cruz Quiche, Guatemala.  Firm dates to be announced soon.  

Bhopal, India, November 11-22, 2013

Tentative dates, but will be confirmed soon (November, however, will be the outreach month).  We will be treating patients at the Sambhavna Clinic and conducting training for the staff in techniques that will include gua sha and a possible ear acupuncture protocol.  The medical staff there specializes in allopathic, Ayurvedic, and yoga therapy, and we will work alongside them to bring healing to its local population.  Housing will be dorm style (men and women are housed separately from one other).  Volunteers will be provided with lunch and dinner 6 days a week, but there is also a place nearby to purchase food, which may be cooked inside the dorm kitchens.  There are also canteen/restaurants within close distance.   All water at the clinic is purified and safe to drink.


Our most recent April trip to Quiche proved to be a wonderful success!  In addition, it also marked our one year anniversary working with the great people of the Barbara Ford Peace Center during which time close to 5000 people were able to receive treatment gratis.

At the opening organizational meeting, Flor, the Barbara Ford Center Program Director, spoke of how the Mayan Nahual symbol, “Waquip’ Kawoq,” ruled by the number 6, was highly auspicious for this particular Jornada outreach.  She stated that this nahual “points to the potential energy and equilibrium when two families, i.e., Global Clinic and The Barbara Ford Center for Peace, meet.”  And certainly was energy and balance created, harnessed, and diffused.

This trip also saw Global Clinic expand beyond its NYC base to include practitioners and students from San Francisco, San Diego, Indianapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle. As is our project design,  the “jornada”– as medical missions are known there — had both training and clinical components.  To further prepare locals to run their own clinics in between these jornadas, instruction was given in way of technical skills, practice mangement, and safety and ethics.

Approximately 1100 patients were treated over the course of 6 days including 50 patients seen during the training clinic run by the local health promoters utilizing skills that they had been acquiring during the course of training sessions over the past year. Patient load (including 250 on the first day) and seriousness of presenting conditions were challenging, but the group coalesced quicky and met the challenge with skill and grace.

Our first exit interview/satisfaction survey showed excellent satisfaction with the only negatives correlating with wait times. All patients who were surveyed indicated that they would return for more treatment if it were available and many requested that we come back soon!

To conclude a wonderful outreach, a traditional Mayan ceremony closed our April Quiche jornada, which helped to clarify and consolidate the energy of our fruitful week.




Patient Testimonials

“I have been experiencing pain in my knees for years and always thought it was something I would have to live with forever.  In one day, acupuncture changed the entire scope of my existence and I believe I can live pain-free.”
– AR, patient

“I came to the clinic when I couldn’t even walk since my back was in spasms.  I was crying hysterically from the pain.  After massage and acupuncture, I left the clinic walking on my own!  I returned for 3 days straight for follow-up treatments, and the doctors in the clinic where always so kind and genuinely concerned.  Thank you so much to the wonderful people who helped me!  I will always remember what you did for me.”
– MG, patient


Practitioner Testimonials

“Mi mas cordeales saludos.
Por medio del texto presente quiero agradecer a la institucion global clinic por dejarme formar parte de su familia ppr dejarme participar en su jornada de ayuda a los demas.. ayude a muchas personas de una manera que nunca creia y fue algo maravilloso, algo que nunca olvidare.. les agradesco de todo corazon y le doy gracias a Dios por haverlos puesto en mi camino…. gracias por todo y gracias por brindar su ayuda a este pais( Republica Dominicana) gracias y que Dios lo siga bendiciendo..

Espero que algun dia nuestros caminos se vuelvan a cruzar.
Ustedes fueron mi inspiracion para estudiar acupuntura.. los amo…”
– Anyelo Dominguez

“My experience in the volunteer clinic in Antigua was a life changing experience… I have never felt the exhilaration of treating so many grateful and needing patients that grew in number every day that I was there.  I was truly humbled.  I will never forget how much I learned as a practitioner and as a human being”
– AJ, Reiki Practitioner


“I never realized that all it took was getting a plane ticket to become an ambassador of healing!”
– DS, Massage Therapist

 “It was my dream fulfilled to get the chance to volunteer and really see and feel that I can make a difference!”
– JL, LAc

“I never thought I would get a chance to do something like this!  I was restricted by the high costs of volunteer fees, and turned off by the prospect of group touring.  [Global Clinic] helped me help others, and all I had to do was show up and practice!
– RG, LAc


Global Clinic joined the Barbara Ford Peace Project during August 21-28, 2012 to plant a clinic at the Barbara Ford Center in Santa Cruz Quiche, Guatemala. The volunteer group was comprised of a total of twenty acupuncture practitioners and students. Over an intense five-day period, they treated nearly 900 patients who had no prior access to health care or any form of medical service. The majority were of indigenous Mayan descent, who had suffered gravely during the civil war in the early 1980’s. Anxiety and depression were the most common maladies, along with gastritis, diabetes, and body aches and pains.

Practitioners provided each patient with a full intake, acupuncture session, ear protocol, as well as seeds and Chinese herbs to take away.



Three weeklong international volunteer clinics were held in Guatemala during February, April, and August. Between 500 – 1000 health treatments and consultations were given during each outreach—integrating together acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, massage and body work, nutritional counseling, herbal therapy, physical therapy, yoga instruction, and Reiki .

Clinics were held at locations provided by our two outreach hosts: a Mayan women’s group, with space on the grounds of El Centro Lutherano in Antigua, Guatemala; and the staff at La Clinica Metodista, in San Juan de la Laguna, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. At least two Global Clinic Board members supervised the clinics at all times.

Volunteers from the United States, as well as local and international volunteers residing in Guatemala, formed the various outreach teams. Each consisted of four non-local practitioners, eight local practitioners, and ten non-practitioners who assisted with administrative duties, such as filing and language translation.

The patient population was comprised mostly of locals living in the small villages that surround Antigua— an area heavily populated by the indigenous Mayan — which lacks access to any form of healthcare. Many of the children treated had never been to a doctor before in their lives.

Conditions ranged, though most were related to digestive disorders, diabetes, stress, and pain, the latter being prevalent among the labor force. The majority we treated had received neither acupuncture nor holistic treatments before, but all were enthusiastic to receive our care and learn more. Many results were immediately evident, and nearly all returned during the week and on subsequent missions. Outreach clinics such as these are the primary means through which Global Clinic provides quality, integrative medical services to populations in need, which is at its mission’s core.