Stories From The Field


Patient Testimonials

“I have been experiencing pain in my knees for years and always thought it was something I would have to live with forever.  In one day, acupuncture changed the entire scope of my existence and I believe I can live pain-free.”
– AR, patient

“I came to the clinic when I couldn’t even walk since my back was in spasms.  I was crying hysterically from the pain.  After massage and acupuncture, I left the clinic walking on my own!  I returned for 3 days straight for follow-up treatments, and the doctors in the clinic where always so kind and genuinely concerned.  Thank you so much to the wonderful people who helped me!  I will always remember what you did for me.”
– MG, patient


Practitioner Testimonials

“My experience in the volunteer clinic in Antigua was a life changing experience… I have never felt the exhilaration of treating so many grateful and needing patients that grew in number every day that I was there.  I was truly humbled.  I will never forget how much I learned as a practitioner and as a human being”
– AJ, Reiki Practitioner


“I never realized that all it took was getting a plane ticket to become an ambassador of healing!”
– DS, Massage Therapist

 “It was my dream fulfilled to get the chance to volunteer and really see and feel that I can make a difference!”
– JL, LAc

“I never thought I would get a chance to do something like this!  I was restricted by the high costs of volunteer fees, and turned off by the prospect of group touring.  [Global Clinic] helped me help others, and all I had to do was show up and practice!
– RG, LAc