Education & Sustainability


We believe that education and empowerment go hand in hand and also in having open and collaborative communication amongst our practitioners.  Because our healthcare approach combines acupuncture with other specialties, our healers increase their own knowledge and application.  As a result, they may treat their patients at home more effectively and improve their own health.

The bigger picture here is creating an empowered and educated community that extends beyond the lines of language and latitude.  Through practical tips to sustain whole living and direct counsel and care to those in need, we contribute to a stronger, healthier individual, and therefore, stronger and more resilient local communities.  Working together on parochial and international levels we create a supportive network that is reinforced by the growth of all participants, which includes our partners, patients, and practitioners.

Within the next two years, Global Clinic plans to incorporate clinical externships, such as training programs for local nurses as well as  internships for students into our outreach initiatives so that emerging practitioners and healers may gain invaluable clinical and public health experiences.

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Sustainability is fundamental to our success. Everyday actions include reusing whenever possible, recycling all disposable and/or recyclable materials, conserving natural resources like water and gas, composting leftovers from staff and group meals, eliminating unnecessary waste from clinics, and creating a culture of preservation and appreciation that can continue to thrive after we leave.

To further the concept, we return to where we have served, creating an interweb of familiarity, connectivity, and most of all, reliability. By building lasting relationships with leaders and care providers within the local area, we create a larger community of healers in which education and empowerment can prosper, which is essential to our mission.