Travel & Locations

We believe an independent travel model is fundamental to creating outreaches that have a central focus on providing counsel and care, and that tours and other leisure services take away from the real intent of such missions. Therefore, volunteers are financially responsible for securing their individual travel expenses to and from the local region (i.e. airfare). We also abide by this strategy in order to give our volunteers the freedom to create their own experience of a working retreat.

Global Clinic makes every effort to raise enough funds to cover all basic expenses for its volunteers, including airport transfers, local travel, meals, and lodging accommodations. If you’d prefer to opt out of the sleeping arrangements provided by our outreach host, that is completely up to you!  You are free to book a separate stay at the hotel or hostel of your choice, and would be responsible for getting yourself to and from the clinic on your scheduled days.

We can make personal recommendations should you need.  Please email us at with any questions or to request more information.

Travel resources, such as:

And airline consolidators, such as:
and many others offer you a large web of information for organizing the trip of your choice.


Past mission efforts have brought us to Antigua, Guatemala and Quiche, Guatemala. Our next outreaches are scheduled for Guatemala in April 2013, Bhopal, India in November 2013, and Nepal later in the year. Please subscribe to our Newsletterso we may keep you apprised of all dates and notices.

Global Clinic is not liable or responsible for volunteers’ choices and methods regarding personal travel and/or lodging arrangements. We do our best to ensure your personal safety at all times, but it is always prudent to do your due diligence, as well as research regarding local laws and customs. If vaccinations or other health directives are required in the region of travel, we will notify you and coordinate with you well in advance of the scheduled outreach.


We stay focused.

Global Clinic strives to differentiate itself from other international volunteer programs by operating on an independent travel model.  This allows the central purpose to remain on treating patients and not on tours or pre-packaged activities.

We recognized that most international health outreaches operate on a model of expensive, tour-based group travel.  We believe this not only prevents volunteers who are willing and able from joining, but also detracts from the central focus — treating patients.

Outreach and Travel Philosphy

You keep more of your paycheck.

Our philosophy eliminates the high fees normally required to participate in humanitarian outreaches.  We realize that travel is expensive as it is and that dedicating one’s vacation days to service is a wonderful sacrifice, and we try to reward that as much as possible.  Apart from airfare there is a low to no cost fee to join a Global Clinic health project.

Together, a sense of community.

Global Clinic strongly believes in cultivating an open and collaborative community amongst volunteers.  Camaraderie and sentiment of a true health-collective is essential — which are reinforced by the time we spend together both inside and outside the clinics, as well as the shared experience of working abroad in a foreign environment.  A real sense of community, however, is especially important between us, the local healers, and the beautiful patients whom we treat.